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Gold & Silver Latest News : अगर आप सोना खरीदने को सोच रहे है, तो जानिए कब आपको सोना खरीदना चाहिए –

Today Gold & Silver Price: Hello my dear friends, in this article we are going to provide you information about today’s new price of Gold and silver. The person through whom money is to be invested in Gold and silver. First of all, get information about the new price of Gold and silver. Only after that you invest money in it. Only then you can earn profit in its business.

So let’s try to know what is the rate of Gold and silver according to today’s market and at what rate Gold and silver are being sold in different cities of India. Any person who wants to get all kinds of information related to Gold and silver. You read this article written by us carefully. So that you can get all kinds of information.


1 August 2023 Gold & Silver Price

There has been a decrease in the price of Gold, due to which there has been a boom in the business. Gold has reached ₹ 59660 per 10 grams with a fall of 0.24 percent in silver prices while 0.21 percent fall in Gold Prices. While silver is trading ₹ 178 cheaper at ₹ 73881 per kg. According to routers, there has been a decrease in the prices of Gold and silver in the international markets at the global level. For this reason, a decline in the value of Gold and moon has been found in every 1 state of our India.

What is the rate of Gold in the international market?

Information has been given through international news channel. There has also been a decrease in the prices of Gold and silver in the international market. Spot Gold here has decreased by 0.2 percent, due to which Gold has become $ 1957.03 an ounce here. While US Gold futures fell by zero 0.3% to reach $ 1955.40 an ounce.

Negative Aspects of Gold

Gold Prices started trading with a slight downside bias on Monday. So that spot Gold is being traded at 0.2% i.e. a few percent fall or at $1957 an ounce. The figure is showing poor performance as per the mixed US economic data. The economy of the currency seems to be gradually deteriorating in the international markets. Because of which sometimes there is a rise in the prices of Gold and silver and sometimes there is a decrease.

What is the price of Gold in 2023?

According to the information of MCX data, an increase in the price of Gold has been found in the year 2023. Earlier in December 2022, the price was 54600 ₹ 56 per 10 grams, while its prices have increased. Because of which the price of Gold has reached Rs 59806 per 10 grams in the year 2023. That is, its prices have been increased by almost 8% this year.

In which month should you buy Gold?

There is a fixed time to buy Gold. In which time you can get a reduction in its price. Their price decreases during spring and summer and their prices start increasing from autumn season. This means that the best time to buy Gold is in the beginning of January and first week of March and April and between June and July if you buy Gold and silver. So you can get profit.

Gold rate in different cities of India.

24 carat Gold Price (10 Grams), 22 Karat Gold Price (10 Grams)

  • Ahmedabad ₹ 60,220 ₹ 55,200
  • Amritsar ₹ 52,200 ₹ 47,850
  • Bangalore ₹ 60,160 ₹ 55,150
  • Bhopal ₹ 52,200 ₹ 47,850
  • Bhubaneswar ₹ 60,160 ₹ 55,150
  • Chandigarh ₹ 60,320 ₹ 55,300
  • Chennai ₹ 52,285 ₹ 47,927
  • Coimbatore ₹ 60,600 ₹ 55,550
  • Delhi ₹ 60,320 ₹ 55,300
  • Faridabad ₹ 52,150 ₹ 47,804
  • Gurgaon ₹ 52,100 ₹ 47,758
  • Hyderabad ₹ 60,160 ₹ 55,150
  • JaipurN ₹ 60,320 ₹ 55,300
  • Kanpur ₹ 52,290 ₹ 47,932
  • KeralaN ₹ 60,160 ₹ 55,150
  • Kochi ₹ 52,290 ₹ 47,932
  • Kolkata ₹ 60,160 ₹ 55,150
  • Lucknow ₹ 60,320 ₹ 55,300
  • Madurai ₹ 60,600 ₹ 55,550
  • Mangaluru ₹ 60,160 ₹ 55,150
  • Meerut ₹ 52,275 ₹ 47,918
  • mumbai ₹ 60,160 ₹ 55,150
  • Mysore ₹ 60,160 ₹ 55,150
  • Nagpur ₹ 60,160 ₹ 55,150
  • Nashik ₹ 60,190 ₹ 55,180
  • Patna ₹ 60,220 ₹ 55,200
  • Pune ₹ 60,160 ₹ 55,150
  • Surat ₹ 60,220 ₹ 55,200
  • Vadodara ₹ 60,220 ₹ 55,200
  • Vijayawada ₹ 60,160 ₹ 55,150
  • Visakhapatnam ₹ 60,160 ₹ 55,150

How can you test pure Gold ?

A new app has been launched by the Government of India to test pure Gold. Which is named BIS Care App. With the help of this app, you can know the quality of Gold sitting at home. Through BIS CARE APP, you can get complete information about Gold sitting at home. How can you use this app? I am going to explain in detail in this article below. Please read this article till the end.


In this article, I am going to tell you how to use BIS Care App. Knowing which you can get the information about the purity of Gold with the help of this app.

  1. Use Play Store to download this app.
  2. Download the BIS Care App from Play Store.
  3. After that install it.
  4. Open the BIS Care App.
  5. Register yourself in this.
  6. After which you open the BIS Care app again.
  7. Look for the 6 digit Hallmarks number engraved on the Gold.
  8. Enter the Hallmarks number in the BIS Care App.
  9. And finally click on Sign Up.
  10. After a while you will get all the Gold details on your home screen.

Gold rate in different Caret of India.

 18 Caret Gold Rate Check Now
 20 Caret Gold Rate Check Now
 22 Caret Gold Rate Check Now
 24 Caret Gold Rate Check Now

Note: I have given information about today’s new price of Gold and silver in this article. At what rate the international markets are trading today.

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