7.1  The performance of a student in a semester shall be evaluated through continuous class assessment and end semester examination. The continuous assessment shall be based on class tests, assignments/tutorials, quizzes/viva-voce and attendance. The marks for continuous assessment (Sessional marks) shall be awarded at the end of the semester. The end semester examination shall be comprised of written papers, practical and viva-voce.

7.2   The distribution of marks for sessional, end semester theory papers, practical and other examinations, seminar, project, industrial training and general proficiency shall be as prescribed.

7.3  The marks obtained in a subject shall consist of marks allotted in end semester theory paper, practical examination and sessional work.

7.4   The minimum pass marks in each theory subject (including sessional marks) shall be 50% with a minimum of 40% marks in each theory paper in the end semester examination. If there is no provision of sessional marks in any subject, the minimum pass marks in that subject shall be 40% in the end semester examination.

7.5  The minimum pass marks in a project/practical subject (including sessional marks if any) shall be 50%.

7.6  A candidate, in order to pass, must secure 50% marks in the aggregate in a particular academic year inclusive of both semesters of the academic year subjected to conditions as clause 8.2(a).

7.7   The minimum pass marks in Seminar, Industrial Training and Educational Tour, Viva-Voce etc. shall be 50%.

7.8  There shall be no pass marks in General Proficiency (G.P.). However, marks of General Proficiency shall be added in the result.