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“एक उदार समाज के मूल में उदार शिक्षा होती है और एक उदार शिक्षा के मूल में शिक्षण का कार्य होता हैI”

It gives me a sense of joy to send my message of good will of appreciation to the Director of Institute of Engineering and Technology, Khandari Agra and his entire team for having achieved a reasonably high degree of success. With the intense dedication, devotion and diligence of the team, IET has reached high standards, enforced discipline and encouraged students to strike a balance between character and professional building.

Right education aims at acquiring right knowledge that helps an individual to walk on the right path. Education by nature is transformative and liberative, changing human minds, serving and influencing society.

In today’s scenario Technical Education gives all the knowledge and skills people require to compete in this cut throat competition. Technology is impacting every phase of human life. The usage of technology in education focuses towards learner centric education and highlight creative thinking.Technical education encourages the aspirants to come out with their full potential. It builds a level of confidence and sense of self-respect in every individual. If a country has enough of its skilled manpower, it will not depend on other nations or believe in collaborating with developed countries.

It is desired that IET maintains its high standards of imparting technical education and of empowering and energizing the youth to contribute to strong nation building.

My best wishes for future endeavours.
Dr Arvind Kumar Dixit
( Vice Chancellor )