Faculty Name:   Dr. Neeru
Designation:      Assistant professor
Educational Qualification:   Ph.D
Email:  neeru_dabas2006@yahoo.com
Contact No.  9560334187

Area of Interest

Nanotechnology , environment, Heavy metal ion sensors

Research Publications

1. Neeru, Dolly Yadav, Geeta Tiwari, Jai Deo Singh, and Raymond J. Butcher. Inorg. Chem., 2014, 53 (12), pp 5887?5889. 2. M. Thakran, A. P Gupta, Neeru Dabas, N,N?-Diphenyldecanediamide: A Fluoride Ion Sensitive and Selective Amide, AJST, 2017, 4(1),1-9. ( corresponding author) 3. Krishna Kumar Yadav, Ankita Gupta, Manu Sharma, Neeru Dabas, Ashok K. Ganguli, and Menaka Jha, Low temperature synthesis process of stabilization of cubic yttria stabilized zirconia spindles: an important high temperature ceramic material, Material Research Express, 2017,1-22. 4. Neeru Dabas, Krishna Kumar Yadava, Ashok K. Gangulia, Menaka Jha, New process for conversion of hazardous industrial e?uent of ceramic industry into nanostructured sodium carbonate and their application in textile industry. Journal of Environmental management, 2019,240, 352-358.

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