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Startup cell: Vivekanand Innovation Centre

Vision of Start-up Cell:
Creating a vibrant and dynamic Startup Ecosystem in Technical Institutions by playing a role of pre-incubator to promote, facilitate support system to innovative and entrepreneurial students and faculties to convert their innovative ideas/problems to tech-solution with a feasible business model stage.
Role of Pre-Incubator is to connect various student clubs ( Idea clubs, Innovation Clubs, Start-up Clubs) to come up with tech solutions for the problems from Industry, Society, and Market to generate Ideas/Proof of Concepts (PoCs) and helping them to get converted to Prototypes and mentor them to develop business models ready. Therefore, creating a strong pipeline of quality and quantity tech based potential start-ups for incubators industry to take further.

Objective of Start-up Cell:
1. To Develop a Critical Mass of Motivated Students & Faculties with Entrepreneurial Orientation & Skill
2. To Build Infrastructure Support for Innovation & Early Stage Enterprise development and Enabling Access to Resource & Facilities at Institute
3. To Enhance In-House Competency Development to Serve Potential and Early Stage Entrepreneurs and Student Innovators at the Institute.
4. To Strengthen the Inter Department and Inter-Institutional linkage, Incubators and Other Ecosystem Enablers at Different Levels.

About Start-up Cell and Current Status:
In the initial phase of startup, a cell will be enriched with competent faculties and students with IT and Non IT facilities with proper space allocation in the institute for various activities to be conducted. Through which we will create a highly motivated team of faculties and students. We’ll develop a makers space which enables making, learning, exploring and sharing that uses high tech to no tech tools in different trending fields( IOT, Robotics, Additive manufacturing-3D printing, Cloud Computing, Apps based solutions).In-house competencies will be developed for faculties /mentors which will help their students coordinators and team to generate their ideas into prototype .Cell will help students in getting fund in from different organization like DST ,CST for different Student Clubs activities.

Start-up Cell Coordinator :

Team Members Designation Stream/Discipline
Dr. Manu Pratap Singh Professor Computer Science

Team Detail (list of Faculty Facilitators with Designation and Stream) :

Team Members Designation Stream/Discipline
Dr. Rajesh Lawaniya Assistant Professor Computer Science Engineering
Er. Saurabh Garg Assistant Professor Computer Science Engineering
Er. Prashant Maharishi Assistant Professor Computer Science Engineering
Er. Shailendra Singh Assistant Professor Mechanical Engineering
Er. Devarshi Kapil Assistant Professor Mechanical Engineering
Dr.Greesh Kumar Singh Assistant Professor Electronics and Communications Engineering
Ms. Shilpi Lavania Assistant Professor Electronics and Communications Engineering
Mr.Alok Katiyar System Analyst

Activities during COVID-19 Pandemic

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