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Sponsored Project

Faculty Serving on the editorial boards National/International Journals

Dr. V.K. Saraswat

  • IEEE Transaction on Network & Service Management
  • International Journal of Computer & Management Studies

Dr. Manu Pratap Singh

  • International Journal of Uncertainty, Fuzziness and Knowledge Based Systems
  • International Journal of Engineering
  • IEEE Transactions of Fuzzy System
  • European journal of operation research

Research Award received by the Faculty Member

Dr. Manu Pratap Singh

  • Young Scientist Award” by “International Academy of Physical Sciences, Allahabad”

  Dr. Rajesh Lavania

  • Young Scientist Award” by Hindustan Institute of Management & Computer Studies Farah Mathura

Collaborative Research Scheme

3 resaech projects has been selected by the AICTE which will be sponsored by NPIU. Total Fund allotted for these project is around 33 Lacs.

S.No. Principle Investigator Title of the Project Fund
1 Dr. Neeru Fabrication of relative humidity sensorbased on metal nanaoparticle loaded SBA-15 mesoporous nanocom 823000
2 Er. Babalu Kumar Stress Analysis of Functionally graded material plate under mechanical loading 945000
3 Er. Naman Garg Development & Application of Quantum Schrodinger communication channel based on classical resources 1537000
Total 3305000

Activities during COVID-19 Pandemic

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